A new technology, Crystal-free system featuring “The Diamond Tome Wand” is used to remove the topmost layer of skin. You’ll experience softer, smoother, and cleaner skin after just one treatment. Most effective as a series of 5 or more treatments depending on the condition and type of skin: Sun damaged, age spots, wrinkles, minor scars, etc.
Single Session
Neck Area
Package of 3 Treatments
Package of 5 Treatments
Chemical Peels
$90.00 and up
Various high-performance peel solutions are used to help reduce fine lines, smooth skin texture, fade brown spots, and assist in clearing blemishing skin.
Jessner Rejuvenation Peel
A powerful peel improving overall complexion. Helps smooth fine lines and acne scarring, lightens hyper-pigmentation.

Boosters sking to produce more collagen. You'll experience softer, smoother, and healthier skin. (and it's NOT painful at all!!)
Skin Brightening Facial
Featuring Chromawhite Dermalogica skin care to brighten hyper-pigmentation while at the same time toning the skin to a youthful glow.
Anti-Aging Facial
A combination of microdermabrasion and deep cleansing facial.
Multivitamins Facial
Using Age-Smart Dermalogica multivitamin line to deep exfoliate dead skin, increasing circulation and leaving your skin revitalized and toned.  Feeds your skin essential vitamins and nutrients.
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
Thorough cleansing of your skin with a unique deep cleanser that absorbs toxins and impurities from the pores.
Stress Relief Facial
Massage of the facial muscles after a deep pore cleansing is the emphasis of this facial.  Helps tone sagging muscles.
Relaxation Facial
Includes cleansing, steam, and mask.
Acne Treatment Facial