Spray Tans
Single Session - $50.00
Package of 3 - $105.00
Package of 5 - $125.00
We use SunFX System Tanning Solutions which contain no alcohol, perfumes or artificial preservatives.  Guaranteed to never turn yellow or orange.
Single Session - $25.00
Sea Salt Scrub
Sea Salt mixed with fragrant massage oil and worked over your body for the ultimate
exfoliation experience.
Body Wrap
Wraps can be used with many different benefits. Whether you are looking for pure body-detoxification, better skin, or simply losing inches; we are here to help you achieve your goal.
Single Session - $80.00
Package of 3 - $195.00
Body Glow Package
This is a wonderful package for your well being and gives you an instant make-over.
Starting with a sauna treatment to help your body get rid of its toxins and impurities.
A full body Sea Salt Scrub will leave your skin free of dull, dead skin.  The experience
concludes with our natural Spray Tan to give your body the glow you deserve.
Ion Detox Foot Spa
Single Session - $35.00
Package of 3 - $75.00
A relaxing 30 minute session involves submerging your feet in warm sea salt water
while a mild current pulls toxins out of your body.
Eye Lash Extensions
$150.00 - $250.00
Add volume, length, and style with long lasting results.
Ear Candling
Centuries old method of cleansing the inner ear.
Beyond Spa Teeth Whitening
Beyond Spa Teeth Whitening
 $400 for whole treatment.

The results are teeth 8 to 15 shades whiter!